Mindfulness 101: “Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left”

Week 1 Exercise:

Every day for one
week, use your non-dominant hand to do at least one thing. We have such great
dexterity with the hand we usually use that we stop having to think about what
we’re doing. Using the other hand forces us to think more about the task of the

Try brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand. Eating. Using
the computer mouse. Don’t pick something too easy like turning a page; make it
something that will really throw your brain out of whack, and wake it up. And
while you might want to repeat the same activity each day, try adding a new one
in as well.

I played computer Solitaire the other day using my left hand
for the mouse. I not only couldn’t maneuver well, my brain stopped working. I
couldn’t see the cards I needed to move, no matter how much I tried to
concentrate. When I switched back to my right hand and played the same game,
same combination of cards, I whipped right through it.

Don’t think you’ll remember to do this? Try posting a note on the bathroom mirror ‘Brush Left’ (or right). Wear a ring on an unusual finger or just go with the old standby: tie a string around one of the fingers of your non-dominant hand.


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