Shapes and Sizes

Not the Arboretum!

Hauled my skinny legs and Buddha belly out to the Arboretum today. I love walking through the trees before they get their leaves. That’s when you really see the architecture of the trunks and limbs: the long pillar of  the Pyramidale Maple next to the circle of the Globe Maple; the layered, old man bark of a Linden; the draping limbs of the Polish Larch with its dangling cone jewelry.

And the lack of leaves lets you notice the wildlife more easily, too. I spotted, darting delicately among the flowers of a newly blooming shrub, the tiniest bird–other than a hummingbird–I’ve ever seen, watching me watch her, yet not seeming particularly worried about me. And at the top of a large pine far away sat a silent giant of a bird just checking out the landscape–an eagle, I suspect from the white breast.

I loved every variation, from the achingly beautiful to the runty and rough. And what does this have to do with a blog on people, fitness, and appearance? I think you know.


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