>Don’t Try This At Home. . .Yet


Squats–gotta love ’em. No, really, they’re one of the five most important exercises to learn, part of the quintad of “activities of daily living” along with lunge, push, pull, and rotate. But they’re the devil to do right and a knee-killer if you do them wrong. If there were only one thing to see a personal trainer for (and, no, there’s plenty more), it would be to learn the proper form for a squat.

What’s more, there isn’t just one type of squat, so there’s more than one form to learn. The squat pictured–the off-set squat–is a “lady-like” version. No shoving your butt out so you can keep your knees behind your toes: the “booty squat” trainers teach first. Because the off-set is a partial squat, knee to toe alignment isn’t such an issue. But because balance comes into play far more, learning form is at least as essential–crashing over sideways onto the Corgi is so unladylike. Queen Mum would not approve.

I’ll describe the move, but I don’t recommend hopping off the couch to try it unless you already know and are good at booty squats.

Stand upright. Even I can handle that! Holding a light, no more than 5lb. dumbbell in your right hand straight out in front of you, lift your right leg off the ground. Then, bend your left leg, bending only as far as you can without compromising your knee-toe alignment (you should always be able to see your toe). Straighten your leg. Repeat, oh, about ten times (no 100 reps here). Then switch the weight to the left hand and do ten squats with the right leg.

Better yet, look for my announcement of the video of this on YouTube–coming soon!


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