>Dare You To Do This Exercise In Your Office


Sure It Was Easy When You Were Two…

What is this woman doing? Looking for a lost contact lens? Swiffering the floor with her knee caps? Trying to sneak into the kitchen to eat a pint of Chunky Monkey without getting caught?
Nope. She’s doing an exercise called “Bear Walk.” And it’s my exercise of the day.

Bear walk is basically a crawl but not the baby crawl we all did before we went “hey, I’ve got these two things sticking out in back of my knees! Wonder what they could be good for! Oh, wow, if I balance just right, I can reach the Oreos on the kitchen table. Cool.” (nom, nom, nom)

So, let’s “bear walk.” Get down on your hands and knees. I really recommend not doing this on a concrete driveway or in short shorts. Now crawl forward but NOT by alternating hands and legs like you normally would. This time you’re going to move your right leg and your right hand forward at the same time, picking up your knee and hand so they don’t drag on the floor. Now do the same thing with your left leg and left hand. 

No, you’re not done. Keep doing this across the room, then turn around and come back to start. That’s one set. Sit there and rub your kneecaps while you say “that wasn’t as easy as it sounded” and then do it all over again. If it really was easy, try kicking it up a notch by doing the walk on hands and toes. Feel it now? 

“Bear Walk” will not only amuse anyone who happens to be in the vicinity but will work just about every part of your body, especially your core (that’s the part that keeps you upright and from having muffin top) and even your brain, since it’s not the usual style crawl. 
Ok, your turn. Up off your ass and down into your “bear.” 


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