>:) When You Say That


I continue on my quest to create an entire exercise lexicon out of emoticons: exercons, if you will. Wouldn’t it be cool to just slap out a text message like: Here’s your workout: lX, /\, __)_, (__.

What do you mean you don’t get it. Well, lX is jumping jacks (stay with me here); /\ downward dog; __)_ cobra pose; and (__ crunches. It’s a work in progress. . .

But besides those, what about:
@i@ bicep curls with dumbbells

__@_ chest press with barbell

o=\ stability ball pushup (ok, short legs, long arms, but don’t expect Matisse here)

o___ corpse pose

Sigh. Well, it was a thought. Maybe if I downloaded a cyrillic alphabet?


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