>Om-My What Good Abs You Have

>Mid section view of a mid adult man in a prayer positionI’ve become a great fan of yoga: not necessarily doing it but watching it on DVD. And not just any yoga, mind you, although I’m sure Kathy Smith is a completely acceptable teacher. Nah, for me it’s Yee or nothing. Rodney Yee, that is.
Rodney, as I feel we’ve become close enough that I can call him by his first name, is a former ballet dancer turned Yogi. And while I’m not talkin’ bear here, might be close to talkin’ bare. Rodney is not a fan of heavy sweat clothes. Not even yoga pants. No, not Rod (getting  more familiar all the time). He’s more a yoga-Speedo kind of guy.
I have absolutely no doubt he’s a great teacher. It’s just so damn hard to concentrate when he’s in Cobbler Pose out in the desert–what am I supposed to focus on? The dunes? And I’d love to perfect my Downward Dog but, golly, then my head would be down and I wouldn’t get a gander at those glorious glutes. That long, shiny black hair isn’t hard on the eyes, either.
He’s been married a couple of times (at least) and there are DVDs that include his wife–but who cares about those–and I’m sure he’s a massive ego jerk in person–but who cares about that, either.  Just Yee and me. Together in Baby Cobra again.


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