>Pay No Attention To That Flab Behind The Curtain

>So I’ve–as mentioned last post–got a belly. Here’s my three tips for dealing with major or minor flaws:
1. Distraction
2. Distraction
3. Distraction

Yes, my dears, don’t buy for one second that full honesty and transparency (Oh, my, especially not “transparency.” Clothes should not seen through–unless you’re Cher or Beyonce) bull.

I may have my chunk but my legs–well, just see the name of my blog and you’ve got your answer. If it weren’t for the blue vein roadmap I’ve developed on them so I don’t lose my way home, I could still rock a mini. As it is, you put me in leggings and a tunic top and I’m good. Not going to look 25, or 45 for that matter, but unless you actually grab my middle–which I really don’t recommend if you want to be able to wear both your wedding and right hand ring–you’re going to think “look at that girl, skinny legs and all.”

And while I have little patience for treadmills, ellipticals, and spinning, I love doing planks and resistance training, so my arms gotta lot going for them too. While this blog will–honest to Gaia–really talk more about actual working out and such, that’s my only tip for the day.

Oh, and did I mention I love yoga DVD’s which will lead to another post soon: “(Rodney) Yee-Hah!”


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